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Saving the Earth 2012-03-23
This week our school is going to be having a special week, "save our Earth" week. This certainly is a very important week for the green club but it's ...
Treasure at Grandma's 2012-03-23
Every summer, I look forward to one thing. I know it might not be a trip to the beach or disneyland or that knid of stuff. It's something simple and t ...
Class ski trip 2012-02-19
In January, our school went on a ski trip at mount Vorlage located in Quebec. My friends, Eliza, Kescia, Yewon, Elsa, Tamara, Nadim, Maia, Ayame, and ...
Moving to America 2012-02-19
I'll be moving to America at March 2nd. We already bought the house, it's huge for only 3 of us but half the size compared to the mansions next to ...
Ms.Shank 2011-10-13
Ms.Shank is my former Gr.5 teacher. My new Grade 5 teacher is Mrs.Armstrong. We had a class switch today and I got switched into the portables just l ...
雅戈1 2011-10-04
一个押走到一个宁们谈。 他更守候元首, 你有葡萄么? 手印元首没有。 鸭子受灾钱。    


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patpat2001 2011-9-2 23:33
zhen_he20@163 2011-9-2 18:01
神奇许愿树 2011-7-27 17:10
patpat2001 2011-6-27 03:16
I have been in North America for 3 years!
小P 2011-6-26 10:34
Angel小姐 2011-6-12 07:54
fcb 2011-6-3 03:09
patpat2001: Thanks, but we don't have children's day here.

Thanks anyways
Me too. But i am so happy because I got a lot of presents.
fcb 2011-6-1 22:52
Happy Children's Day!
patpat2001 2011-5-13 09:51
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